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Shiites: Muslim Group Cautions Govt On El-Zakzaky

Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky
Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky

A GROUP, Nigerian Muslim Women, has urged the Federal Government not to release Shiite leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, saying the action will compound the country’s security challenges.

At a peaceful protest to press for the group’s demand in the Sharada area of Kano on Friday, spokesperson, Sayyada Nafeesa Umar, said: “Zakzaky is a promoter of hate speech in the Muslim community. Government should not listen to propaganda from foreign nations requesting his release. If government succumbs to the foreign interference, the sovereignty of the nation could be damaged.

“Zakzaky established a government within a government by way of his sect’s modus operandi. He does not have any regard for constituted authority; that was why his followers thought blocking road against the Chief of Army Staff wasn’t a big deal. All we are saying is: let him be taken to the court of law and face the music. But if he is released just like that without trial, it is injustice to other Nigerians.

She also cited a time “when there was the restriction on use of motorcycles in Kano,” adding: “it was only Zakzaky’s followers that flagrantly disobeyed the order because they thought they were a government within government.”

Shiite women in Jos Plateau State, last month, staged a peaceful protest, calling for the release of Zakzaky, his wife and their other members.

Meanwhile, the judicial commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna State government to investigate the December 2015 clash between soldiers and Shiite members in Zaria said it has received over 100 memoranda from groups, associations, religious organisations and other members of the public.

Secretary of the commission, Dr. Baba Babaji, said the body would continue to receive memoranda until February 23, 2016.