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Infrastructure Development In Edo Is Attracting Foreign Investments – Oshiomole


Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole has said that the state government’s investments in road and other infrastructure have started yielding the right dividends as different companies, including a Chinese firm which employed 500 staff, have located their factories in the state.

Speaking during the inspection of a ceramics factory which employs 500 direct staff at Utesi community in Benin City, Governor Oshiomhole said that the surest way for government to address the issue of unemployment in the country was to provide basic infrastructure which will in turn attract foreign investment.

“There are some people who do not understand modern governance; when we build roads, some people ask me, ‘why are you building roads to villages?’ It’s because they don’t understand. They think we should build roads only in the big cities. And I said, ‘No,’ we must build roads in villages to communities. Like the one you have mentioned here, the roads to Utesi, Egun, Azagba, Uwusan, Obagie to Uyimwendi, that long space connecting many communities,” Oshiomole said.

“Like the General Manager of this company told me, this road is the major incentive they have because now it is easy to bring the raw materials they need to the factory and to carry their products to the market and of course, it is also easy for the staff and other visitors to come in and go out without problem.

“As we were driving in, people will not understand that this is a rural road, and that is the point I have been making that when government provides infrastructure, businesses will come there. If there is no access road, businesses cannot come in. So, I am happy that the road has already brought prosperity to the community and more people are now going to be living in Utesi,” the Edo governor said.