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Almajiri Is Not Islamic, Sultan Declares


The Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Sa’ad Abubakar, yesterday stated unequivocally that the almajiri has nothing to do with Islam, but is simply a case of poverty on the part of parents.

According to the Sultan, it is the poverty state of most parents that makes it impossible for them to send their children to school and allow them to go begging on the streets.

“Almajiri has nothing to do with Islam but an issue of poverty on the part of parents.”

The Sultan stated this in Kaduna yesterday when he chaired a meeting on girl child education of the Sultan Foundation for Peace and Development, the UNICEF and education representatives from the 19 northern states.

He said the importance of educating the girl child cannot be over emphasised, stressing that educated women are much of a better asset than uneducated women and most times educated men.

On girl child education, the Sultan queried, “why should our girls be turned to street hawkers? We must work hard to make sure that our girls are better than us.”

“It is pathetic that in the northern region, we don’t pay attention on girls education, as far as I am concerned, a female doctor is of more value than a male doctor.

“This is why we are putting necessary measures in place to have an all-female university in Sokoto State in which government must play a leading role,” he stated.

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