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5 Things You Should Know About Commercial Taxi Business

Taxi drivers are a common sight in almost every nook and cranny of Nigeria and the colour of the taxi depends on the state’s designated colour for commercial vehicles. The taxi business is one Nigerian business that has no fixed working hours as the taxi driver could start and close depending on a lot of variables. If you were thinking of venturing into the business full or part time and have no idea what you will encounter, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you in this piece, 4 things every Nigerian taxi driver understands….

Not so lucrative: Most of these taxi drivers do not own their taxis. Some of them work for the owner with an agreement to deliver a certain amount of money daily. It doesn’t matter whether they make up to the money or not, they have to deliver the agreed sum to the car owner at the end of the day with no stories.

Encounter scary stuff: Because most of them work late night picking up or dropping club/party goers, some of these drivers encounter a lot of strange things that happen at the wee hours of the night.


Traffic: Those taxi drivers in big cities such as Lagos have a lot to contend with including sitting in traffic for hours, just like other drivers in Lagos but the only difference is that, the customers pay for it. Traffic situations form part of the criteria used to charged customers.

Sleeping out: Most of them often times have to bunk somewhere at night when it becomes too late for them to get home. This may put a strain on their relationship with their spouses but the goal is to bring home the money and which woman doesn’t want that?

No scruples: taxi drivers are business partners of most run girls and prostitutes because these runs girls usually have one or two stable taxi drivers they make use of to get about their business. The taxi driver, who may be old enough to be their father would still drive them to their destinations, just so he earns a living.

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