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#BenueSouthDecides | Updated Timeline of Events

Live Result Updates from Polling Units
AGATU; Ogbaulu Ward
Olega-Bulu Play Ground PU
PDP 87
APC 41

Ado LGA Igumale 1 ward result
PDP 764
APC 201

Echono By Oweto street junction :
Otukpo, Benue State.
Otukpo LGA Adoka-Haje, PU Aune Play Ground 1 PDP 135 APC 38
Okpamaju PU, Okete Ward
PDP 88, APC52
Idekpa Ward Olaigbechi PU
APC 57, PDP 5
In Onyagede-Ehaje
APC 184, PDP 120

Agadagba Ward, PU Open Space Akpenwo
PDP 88, APC 61

Edikwu 1 Ikampo PU II Olochokwunu Play Ground
PDP 139, APC 27
Court Oko polling, Orokam
APC 105, PDP 53, INVALID 18
Ekere Primary School
PDP 98, APC 30
Ipole Owukpa
APC 78, PDP 47
Akpari PU, Okpoga-North Ward,
APC 105, PDP 77
Igumale ward 1, Ai-Ameh PU:
PDP 64, APC 26
Owo ward, Omua unit 1
PDP 14, APC 49
Ogbaulu pry Sch PU, Ogbaulu Ward
PDP 75, APC 31

Akpari PU, Okpoga-North Ward, Okpokwu LGA

ADO Igumale ward 1, Ai-Ameh PU: PDP: 64,APC : 26

Otukpo LGA, Otukpo Town West
No. 30 Jamaica Street PU
PDP 50
APC 76

Ogbaulu pry Sch PU, Ogbaulu Ward, Agatu LGA
PDP 75
APC 31

Oju LGA, Owo ward, Omua Unit 1,
APC= 49, PDP= 14
Oju LGA, Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-igwe PU
APC=131, PDP=53
Oju LGA, Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-igwe PU

Ugbonoko polling unit results. APC 131: PDP 110 AIdogodo Okpoga


Echono By Oweto street junction :
Otukpo, Benue State.

Otukpo LGA Adoka-Haje, PU Aune Play Ground 1 PDP 135 APC 38

Otukpo LGA, Adoka Icho
Opanehe II Open Space
APC 52
PDP 70

Idekpa Ward
APC =57, PDP= 5
Olaigbechi PU
APC 88 PDP 45.

David Mark wins polling unit PDP- 150 APC-37
Ohimini LGA, Idekpa Ward Olaigbechi PU
APC =57, PDP= 5

Oju LGA, Owo ward, Omua Unit 1,
APC= 49, PDP= 14

Ohimini LGA, Aume Iche Ward

Ohimini LGA, Aume-icho Ward,

Oju LGA, Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-igwe PU
APC=131, PDP=53

Updated #BenueSouthDecides
Former Senate President, David Mark, who is the candidate ofPeoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the rerun senatorial election in Saturday’s Benue South, said he believed his constituents would return him to the Senate for a record fifth time.
Mr. Mark, who had declared winner of the March 28, 2015, election by the Indepenent National Electoral Commissioner before it was annuled Appeal Court, said this just after his cast vote at VIP polling unit, Otukpo Town East ward, Otukpo local government area.
“Our people have resolved to return me back. They have decided that no external forces can come in between us in Zone C (Benue South),” he said. “We call on our supporters to maintain law and order while the election lasts.”
Mr. Mark arrived the polling unit in company of his friend and former Senator, Tunde Ogbeha, young brother, Igoche Mark and other supporters.

A Local Chief House Destroyed At Okpoga

chief amanyi 4

Photo: APC Party Agent Hacked at Idabi Polling Unit, Otukpo LG

Daniel Onjeh of the APC Casting his vote…

Photo Updates

Live Blog
10.31 am
Accreditation and voting are going on concurrently in all the nine local government areas. Exercise has also commenced in Agatu where there was two hours’ delay due to security concern.
From field reports , card readers are properly functioning across the LGAs.
So far, there has not been report of violence or that of card reader failure.
The process has been smooth.
“There is no violence at all, everybody is calm,” Mr. Confidence, a presiding officer in Otukpo said, stressing what many had said across the LGAs.
At these units, total of registered voters is 800. However, as at 10.28 am, only 242 voters have exercised their civic duty in units A and B respectively.
10.19 am
PU 001A and B, Ogobia primary school 1, Ogbuju Eheje, Otukpo LGA accreditation and voting are going on simultaneously here. It is important to note that in this election, INEC is holding accreditation and voting exercises at a time, a new practice different from previous ones where voting exercise commenced after accreditation of voters.
10.04 am
INEC officials are just returning to polling units from the commission’s office in Agatu local government area. Although materials had arrived the LGA before 8am; yet, security concerns delayed commencement of distribution of materials to polling units.
We learnt that INEC had to wait for safety clearance from Police and SSS in Agatu LGA before it deployed its staff and corps members who work as ad hoc staff to polling units. This security concern is connected to recurring Fulani herders-Agatu deadly hostility.
9.48 am
At Iga Uroko polling unit in Itabono ward 1, Ogbadigbo LGA. Accreditation exercise is ongoing smoothly. However, no PDP agent is seen here on ground. Only an APC agent is here in this unit under Daniel Onjeh’s local government area.

9.43 am
At Olempe Polling Unit, Olaochagba ward, Ogbadibo LGA, accreditation has commenced. The process is smooth. Here is the unit of Daniel Onjeh, the APC candidate.
9.31 am
PU 08A and N Green Garden, Otukpo Town East ward. Accreditation has just commenced here.
9.25 am
PU 09, 27, Ogiri-Oko street 11, Otukpo ward. Accreditation exercise is just starting. The Presiding Officer, said the delay was due to to confusion. We didn’t know the actual place before; so, we were just roaming about.
9.18 am
PU 18, Otukpo ward, INEC officials have arrived but just getting set to commence accreditation for voters who have been waiting since 8 am. Assistant Presiding Officer said “We were delayed at the distribution centre.”
Polling officers are just arriving David Mark’s Polling Unit, VIP unit at Otukpo ward 1. They rode motorcycles and were guided by a Police officer and two Civil Defence operatives.
Mr. Sunday, an elderly person, said he had been at VIP units 10 minutes before 8am, the time INEC announced accreditation would start. “But if true, I am surprised INEC officials are yet to come,” he said.
8.29 am
VIP polling unit, Otukpo ward 1. INEC officials are yet to arrive at this polling unit the PDP candidate, David Mark, will vote. PDP agent is complaining: “I am concerned; when are they bringing these materials.”
8.09 am
INEC officials are set at PU 10, Ward 10, Otukpo LGA. Also voters are thronging the unit. As the picture shows, voters are now checking their names in INEC “valid registrations” papers.

7.36 am
INEC zonal head in Otukpo has completed distribution of materials to Electoral Officers. The distribution of materials started yesterday afternoon and just ended this morning.
According to reports from the LGAs, INEC officials are now moving to polling units with materials for the conduct of the election. This may fulfil the REC’s vow that the election will start 8am.