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10 Things We Learned from Davido’s Fader Article


David Adedeji Adeleke better known as Davido recently covered the Fader magazine and the detailed article reveals so much that we didn’t know about his journey. Here are 10 revelations from the article that are worth sharing especially for those who have not had the chance to read the article.

1. He dropped out of Oakdale University Because of Music

The first 2 paragraphs of the Fader Article tell the story of a 16 year old Davido starting Oakdale University and finding a school mate who made music in his dorm room. Davido ends up investing some of his own money to buy studio equipment at the local guitar center and finds himself spending most of his days making music instead of going to class.

“From then on, Davido spent most of his time making beats and recording vocal references to send to a cousin in Lagos, a fellow musician with a trove of industry contacts. His grades slipped, and after three semesters, he dropped out and left town without telling his father. First he went to Atlanta, where he used his older brother’s ID to get into clubs, and funneled the money Chief Adeleke sent for school and living expenses toward drinks and motels.”

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