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Photos Of Buhari’s Minister With Body Odour – YES International Magazine


One can be very uncomfortable in public when you know you have body odour especially when you are a public figure like a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Body odour can be very embarrassing, tho it can be easily avoided, by the use of deodorant, but our minister has been carrying this spell for years now cause nobody has been courageous enough to bring it to her notice.

Dark and pretty, the Minister of State, Trade, Industry & Investment, Aisha Abubakar oversees a vital ministry under President Muhammadu Buhari.

Emerging from nowhere to assume her high profile ministerial appointment, yet not even this contact with the international community could get her to befriend perfumes, deodorants and so on.

According to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine, because of her ‘smelling pedigree’, people don’t enjoy being around her or sitting very close to her during meetings.


“The ones who bear the brunt daily are her domestic staff – and that is because they can’t help it. So, they tend to suffer in silence and grumble only when they are among themselves…”

Unknown to the woman, the talk is spreading so very fast even among her colleagues – notwithstanding that none of them has been bold enough to bell the cat by bringing this hygiene anomaly to her notice.

Added one of them: “Madam is just a dirty woman. Imagine carrying a hairstyle at her level sometimes for 2 – 3 months. Not that she doesn’t have the money; not that she can’t even get a permanent hairstylist to do that for her. The problem, if you ask me, is just laziness, being in love with dirt and not caring about one’s looks.

Sadly, hers has gotten out of hand and now needs divine intervention.

“I wonder what her home, bedroom and so on will look like. Even making love to her will be a nightmare, because if she can’t remember little things like roll on and perfume, what is the guarantee that ‘inner-inner’ will be clean. I really doubt that, my brother”.

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