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Obiano, best Nigeria gov –Igbo leader

Igbo leader and Member, Board of Trustees (BoT) of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) yesterday said Anambra Governor, Chief Willie Obiano remains the best performing governor of east of the Niger and Nigeria as a whole.

Speaking with excitement ahead of tomorrow’s Sun Man of the Year Award billed for Lagos, the Ogirisi Igbo said the newspaper has really carried out a thorough and proper research to come to the conclusion that Governor Obiano should be given the Best Governor of the Year.

“You see, when you are good, it speaks for you because people see it. What Obiano has done in Anambra is unprecedented. He has widely touched lives of many communities and people. He has made Anambra State first in so many things. Is it in education, security, health, road network, agriculture, and industries? The list is endless. He truly deserves to be governor of the year,” he said.

He added: “This is a governor who, within a short period in office, turned the state into a crime-free zone. Governor Obiano had this in mind before he assumed office, as he figured out that if he could fix Anambra’s security worries, then everything else would follow. He also knew that without a secured Anambra, his Four Pillars of Development namely, Agriculture, Industrialization, Trade & Commerce and Oil & Gas for the State would amount to nothing. And now that he has found the formula for cleansing Anambra of crime and criminals, the outcome has been quiet impressive. I urge other governors to follow by example.”

He warned those who continue to fight the governor, saying they will only fail. “Let me as the Ogirisi and spiritual leader of Ndi –Igbo advice those fighting the Governor to know that his success is spiritual. Those fighting him or trying to stop his second term bid cannot survive the power of Ogirisi and the Spirit of Iwena Tansi. He is God-sent to the good people of Anambra State. I call on those trying to rub mud on him to desist and join the winning train for a better Anambra.