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Nigerians Lament Buhari’s incessant Travels With #WakaWakaBuhari

Nigerians have again taken to Social Media Platform, Twitter to express their concerns on President Buhari’s incessant travels which they have termed unproductive. They used the hashtag #WakawakaBuhari .. “Waka-waka” is a Nigerian pidgin English term used when someone travels or goes from place to place .. aimlessly.

See selected tweets below’

Which one is #WakawakaBuhari again?

How will the naira grow if he stays in the country?

Don’t you know the naira needs foreign exposure?

— The Hydra (@briandark) February 19, 2016

If you want to marry a husband

Make you no marry a Waka about

If you marry a Waka about

Na so so Troube Trouble ooo ?? #WakawakaBuhari

— Ebube D Statesman (@akaebube) February 19, 2016

Buhari is off again! 21 trips in 10 months, in a country where its currency is in a free fall against the dollar. #Pathetic #WakawakaBuhari

— May Ubeku (@Maybeks) February 19, 2016

Buhari has ministers… But he will want to be Present at every international event..
Wont #WakawakaBuhari learn to delegate duties ? HABA !

— GOD BLESS MIMIKO⚡ (@RadicalYouthMan) February 19, 2016

So u ppl started trending #WakawakaBuhari u ppl are not nice. ??? Bubu be like ” deuces wailers ✌?️✌?” ?

— Amapopping (@Orikaeze1) February 19, 2016

As #wakawakaBuhari travels to Egypt, I hope he will not call Nigerians names as usual..

He might even say we are ungrateful..

— GOD BLESS MIMIKO⚡ (@RadicalYouthMan) February 19, 2016

Egg Now Sells for 40 Naira, Pure water 15 Naira but #wakawakabuhari Feels Traveling here and there is more Important than the Economy

— OchinanWata 1 (@mr_ochonogor) February 19, 2016

#WakawakaBuhari #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira @PdpNigeria ..the leader who never stays in the country. pic.twitter.com/C0WtsXy0Tx

— Chinelo Martins (@chinelo_1) February 19, 2016

PMB has gone to Egypt to blame GEJ for naira slump. Nija media take note #WakawakaBuhari

— Seriki Oba Igwe (@Salt_Nigeria) February 19, 2016

One of Buhari’s cardinal policies is junketing round the world every two weeks. Consistent #WakawakaBuhari

— IKECHUKWU (@iykimo) February 19, 2016

Don’t b surprised if PMB decides to visit space. Expect Lai Mohammed to tell us dat #WakawakaBuhari went in search of 9ja missing satellite.

— TamaP€ta (@ItzGreatPet) February 19, 2016

With F9 in simple high school economics, what does our president have to offer in a business Forum ???? #WakawakaBuhari

— Moving Forward (@emmaikumeh) February 19, 2016

Jerry Rawlings of Ghana stopped all trips abroad 2address issues in his country at dat time, can’t we adopt dat approach? #WakawakaBuhari

— @gentleojay (@gentleojay) February 19, 2016