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Bridge Clinic unveils secret to successes recorded in fertility treatment


The Bridge Clinic, Nigeria’s foremost fertility clinic has attributed its high success rates in the treatment of fertility issues to the international standards it adopts in its operations.

A fertility doctor with the Clinic, Dr. Babatunde Bamidele, made this observation at a Welcome Forum organised over the weekend by the clinic for couples that are looking for the fruit of the womb.

Bamidele, in a press statement signed by the Corporate Communications Manager, Ezedi Udom, said the Bridge Clinic, since its inception 16 years ago, has adopted international best practices in its operations and these are the standards that have assisted it in achieving its enviable successes in the areas of number of live births and pregnancy rates.

“We pioneered the fertility treatment service in Nigeria 16 years ago and have so far achieved 1,935 live births. This translates to an average of one live birth in every three days. This is a feat no other fertility clinic in Nigeria has achieved, or is about achieving in the nearest future,” he said.

“This achievement is as a result of the high-quality management system we put in place at the Bridge Clinic, a system that ensures that our personnel, technological and infrastructural facilities and process are benchmarked with the latest developments in the global fertility management field,” Bamidele continued.

He advised the couples in attendance to be meticulous in choosing their fertility clinics as their choice of clinics goes a long way in determining whether or not and when they achieve pregnancies. “You should look out for clinics that have high pregnancy and birth rates, high-quality management system, as well as strong ethics, good experience and cutting edge technology and infrastructural setup to boost your chances of getting pregnant.”

Bamidele further advised the couples, especially those who may not have the capability to do a comparative assessment of clinics by themselves to seek the opinion of their gynecologists before choosing their preferred clinic.

Earlier in his presentation, Bamidele had informed the couples that global statistics have shown that infertility is not exclusive to any particular gender as it affects both males and females, and in some cases, both spouses at the same time.

He urged couples having difficulties either conceiving or carrying pregnancies to term to seek the services of fertility doctors for assistance.

He listed uterine problems, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian issues and semen abnormalities as the major causes of infertility, and informed the couples that modern medicine has provided solutions on how to detect and solve most of these causes.