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Ban Reiterates Critical Role Women Play In Forging Peace


Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, on Wednesday, in New York emphasised the critical role of women in forging peace and re-establishing trust in security services after conflict.

Ban made this known at the screening of a documentary entitled:” A Journey of a Thousand Miles”.

NAN reports that the documentary shows provides an intimate insight into the challenges female UN Police officers face in the field.

The secretary-general added that the UN Police has more than 1,300 female blue berets.

“These brave, disciplined and inspirational women are deployed around the world, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Haiti to Mali and Liberia, as individual police officers or as part of Formed Police Units.

“They are doing hard-nosed police work – training their national counterparts on investigations, forensics, transnational organized crime and crowd control.

“They also help the UN in its efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse.

“Policing is an essential component of ensuring peace and security,” he said.

Ban urged all Member States to invest in the UN Police and to send the head of their national police to participate in the UN Chiefs of Police Summit, in June, in New York.

The forum, he said, would provide a unique opportunity to promote the links between UN policing and national police services and to learn from different policing approaches.

He thanked the female Bangladeshi peacekeepers and others like them, deployed in difficult places around the world, for their sacrifices and their service to peace.

“Wherever they are deployed, our female police officers protect and inspire local populations and serve as role models for gender equality.

“I hope we can increase their numbers even further.

‘When girls see what women can do, they learn to believe that they can follow the same footsteps.

“This is a lesson that we must all learn as we work to create a world of dignity, security and opportunity for all.

” As secretary-general, whenever I travel, after discussion on different topics, I always almost never forget to ask world leaders to provide more women police officers.

“We have enough male police officers and male soldiers, but we are seriously lacking the very well trained female police officers whose work has been tested and is much appreciated by local people,” he said.

This, he said is the main reason why we are having this video screening.

He said he counts on Member States to provide their well-trained female police officers to protect many vulnerable people, particularly women and girls. (NAN)

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