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AyoVanElmar Shares Professional Tips on Healthy Eating & Lifestyle in New Show

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun, the creative director of Ayo van Elmar, moved to Vienna, Austria, at the age of 18 and thought about starting her own label with her co-founder, Elmar Drabek, after completing her first degree from the University of Vienna, where she studied nutritional sciences.

Ayo is currently enrolled in the master programme of fashion design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, one of Europe’s most renowned art universities. Ayo is committed to impacting lives through successful business ventures, training African youth, especially women to become professionals in the fashion industry.

Ayo is the founder of the sunshine project, a charity mission. Ayo is energetic and optimistic, a purpose-driven leader and a natural-born enterpreneur. Ayo believes in getting understanding in all she does and has a passion for God.

She loves great cuisines, she loves to read, travel and explore her world!

The beauty about the human mind is its ability to multi-task and diversify; this singular attribute is what makes everyone peculiar and special. The will to exploring untapped territories and revealing a prowess no one sees coming are part of the magic of being enigmatic and in many ways, a star in one’s own right.

This best describes the personality that is, Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun, the creative director of Nigerian fashion label, Ayo Van Elmar, who just added another feather to her hat of tricks!

The designer wants you to know she is a certified nutritionist asides creating fashion masterpieces that leave us in awe. Having snagged a degree from the University of Vienna as a Nutrition scientist from 2005 – 2010, Ayo is ready to push boundaries and explore this side of hers.

In line with this, the designer just launched a Health show titled, EAT RIGHT AFRICA, a show geared towards shaping the health lifestyle and eating habits of Africans. It’s a seasonal series that will run weekly bringing very valuable food and nutrition advice as touching health issues and dieting.

The first episode from the first season debuted recently with the topic, “The ideal weight”, and it features Ayo as the host clad in one of her signature designs with a stunning head-wrap one can’t miss. Set in a very stylish kitchen with an impressive interior decor, the designer was able to shed light succinctly on how to finding out if one is overweight, underweight or an ideal weight. The sophomore edition will explore the kinds of food to eat when dieting and more….

This proudly Nigerian offering is a welcomed initiative and I can’t wait for subsequent releases. Move over Dr 90210, a new health sheriff is in town!

Watch the first episode here:

Click here to view the embedded video.

For more information about Eat Right Africa, www.eatrightafrica.info

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