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4 Reasons Not to Hate Your Matchmaker Friend

Smiling Black couple underneath sheet
Smiling Black couple underneath sheet

Do you often find yourself getting set up on a couple of blind dates every other week by one matchmaker friend who seems to be a little bit obsessed with your love life? You may feel a bit upset about this because your mind is already screaming at you to be ready for a massive flop. Instead of fretting and letting the fear cripple you, you could choose to look at it from a more positive angle.

Yes, you may feel like you can set up your own dates if you need to. But what if a beautiful relationship blooms forth from this kind act from your friend? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be so mad at your matchmaker friend all the time:

1. Your Friend May Know Best

Momma isn’t the only one who knows best. As a third party, your friend may be able to recognize things in you that you wouldn’t be able to identify in yourself. Based on this, he/she will be able to see things that are similar in you and someone else that could indicate compatibility. It’s like when you write something and have someone read over it to look for things you might have missed or errors you might have made.

2. Your friend already knows your spec

Do you like dark skins or light skins? Would you say you’re more attracted to people with a certain shape of head? Are you completely averse to dating a lawyer? These seemingly little things are aspects of your personality that your friend has taken into consideration. So, if your matchmaker friend ever hits you up to say you have been set up once again, you can trust that they have selected someone they believe you will genuinely be interested in.

3. Imagine if it works out

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you went on a blind date and actually had a good time? Or, even better; ended up being with this person long-term? There’s always a little extra joy that comes from knowing your friend is partly responsible for a relationship you are thoroughly enjoying. You could maybe even thank said friend by making him/her a godparent.

4. Remember it’s a Process.

Not a lot of people meet The One on a first date. You may need to go on a couple of blind dates before you run into that one person that you absolutely have to be with and feels the same way about you. That in mind, try to be a little more patient with your friend. Instead of getting mad that the date didn’t work out, talk about it with your friend over some drinks so he/she knows what to take into consideration when next they want to set you up.

Admittedly, we all like to think we are very independent and capable of choosing our own partners. But, whoever said two heads are better than one knew what he was talking about. Having a matchmaker friend may help speed up the ride to happily ever after.