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Why Are Most Nigerian Graduates/Job Seekers Very Selfish Yet Expect A Miracle?


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First I noticed we have lots of jobless graduates in Nigeria which makes me really sad and most people don’t really have support from families to start a lucrative business unlike myself who had that on a platter of gold courtesy my folks. However if I had my way I would have employed others! That’s a topic for another day.

In the job section I noticed a particular wicked trend. A lot of graduates have this myopic mentality of not disclosing information to others, I don’t know if they feel that’s good or the economy has made them so greedy.

Sometimes you see someone post something like this:-

Hello all, I got an aptitude test/interview from so so so company how do I prepare……. and then a helpless graduate quickly asks “how did u apply, pls share the link let me apply as well” then the OP goes automatically mute! Some even reluctantly say “I can’t remember how I applied, sha check their website” a job u recently applied for,you can’t remember?

In life there nothing like “na me go carry first” everybody has a different race entirely, if you can’t help others,how do u expect others to help you? Greed doesn’t pay! In my school days all the greedy ones who dealt with their colleagues to make 1st class are still struggling today,while the average ones who felt relegated are excelling in big companies. The “oversabi’s” and snitches are now so ashamed to mix with others after graduation.

If you want to excel in life drop the self-centred attitude, it doesn’t pay. Help your fellow graduates, post links for jobs, post the e-mails you submitted to, if u hear of latest recruitment help others, be like Debbie who takes out time to help others even in her busy life. It’s not when your offer letter drops, you rush here to post “nairalanders help me praise jah jehovah emmanuel, offer letter just dropped” that’s a very selfish attitude.

The lady who introduced me to fashion business was someone I allowed to squat with me during NYSC. Today she has 2 boutiques on the island, helped me secure a space and sent many customers to patronise me. You never know what your good would do for you in future, Nigerian graduates help one another, the race isn’t for the swift, selfishness doesn’t guarantee you that position, hoarding info wouldn’t make you the only person destined for the job, be NICE.

A word they say is enough for the wise.

Culled from Nairaland.

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