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Voodoo Plot to Topple Ebonyi Governor, State Official Alleges

(Emmanuel Uzor, ABAKALIKI)

In what sounded more like a line straight out of a Nollywood production, the Ebonyi state government yesterday raised alarm over what it described as ‘failed’ politicians in the state allegedly resorting to using witchcraft in attacking state Governor David Umahi and members of his Executive Council with the intention of bringing down his government.

Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Senator Emmanuel Onwe, briefing journalists on the outcome of the week’s state executive council meeting, alleged that there had been suspected voodoo objects and incantations used by opponents of the state government to target the Governor.

He alleged that some politicians were hellbent on bringing the government down and have been consulting local shrines and holding community meetings.

“[These are people who] want to distract the government. For example, those who go to rural shrines and organise community meetings to attack members of the Exco or create scenarios that will distract members of the Exco. They are warned to desist from such acts as this government will resist it.”

The Information Commissioner maintained that the state government would not allow the bad influence of the previous administration to distract it, saying that such influence would be vehemently resisted.

Senator Onwe cited conspiratorial influences in the ‘fall’ of the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Onwe added that the present governor had frequently told his appointees during the State Executive Council meeting that there would not be more than two governors as was the case in the past and warned that the government would not tolerate any clash of interests.