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Serenity Returns to NCWD after Onyeka Onwenu’ Controversial Handover to ‘Wrong’ Official

Calm has returned to the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) following an unrest in the handover of Ms Onyeka Onwenu, former Director-General of the centre, to the most senior officer.

Mr Abdulmalik Dauda, Director, Human Resource and Management, took over from Onwenu on Tuesday after she allegedly handed over to a junior staff, Mr Sadiq Umar, Director Planning and Research.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the workers at the centre protested Onwenu’s action, describing it as an affront to the directives of President Muhammadu Buhari.
The president had ordered the disengaged chief executives to hand-over to the most senior director in their respective organisations.
But Dauda had now assumed the position of the Acting director-general of the centre following the sack of the 26 heads of government parastatals and agencies, including NCWD’s former boss, on Monday.
The director, who is assuming the office in acting capacity for the third time, said change in any civil service institution was unavoidable.
“Generally speaking handing over is tasking because some people have this misgiving that you worked for their exit, but it is just things that happen.
“But the last one was most challenging compared to the others, this time the environment was much tensed because the staff wanted to do nasty things.
“May be, the staff did not like the former DG’s style of leadership and what she promised was not delivered.
“I didn’t have a good working relationship with her and she felt she will not hand over to me, but then it’s not me, it is the Federal Government directive,” he told the staff.
He added that the workers got aggrieved when the handover was to be done without putting the hierarchy of office into consideration.
According to him, Onwenu allegedly accused him wrongly in the course of her tenure.
Dauda, however, said that whatever the issues of the former director-general were against him were totally of her opinion, adding that the scenario created a tensed handover.
The acting director-general promised to ensure that things were set in the right direction during his period.
“The first thing is to set procedures right because a lot of things have been done outside the civil service rule and civil service is a very simple organisation.
“Everything needed to be done in the civil service is documented, things must be done with procedure and you must respect hierarchy.
“Staff welfare should also be put into consideration, like trainings; if there is opportunity to do anything outside the centre, workshop or any activities, let it be fairly spread,” Dauda said.
He stressed that the input and output of the staff was maximally required to run the centre.
Dauda noted that as a long standing staff of the centre from 1993, he would ensure staff welfare was considered paramount, adding that lack of welfare will be counter-productive.
He said that running the centre required maintaining a good image with internal and external counterparts.
Mr Musa Mohammed, Chairman, NCWD Chapter of Nigerian Civil Service Union, alleged that public service rules were not adhered to during the tenure of Onwenu.

Mohammed, however, expressed optimism that normalcy would return to the centre with the acting director-general.

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