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Santa Done Out With ‘Bless Nigeria’


Santa Done can be described as a conscious man of the highest order and “Bless Nigeria” represents his deepest feeling for his fatherland, Nigeria over the years. Also known as Sonnie Nwosu, Santa Done is a man about town imbued with multiplicity of interests and a voracious hunger for learning, making him an indefinable phenomenon that cannot be categorized. As Nigeria finds itself at crossroads spiritually due to the various happenings around the country, Santa Done continues to intercede for Jah’s intervention. Featuring anthem like arrangement, marching tempo and a melodious blending of music and message this devotional song is Santa Done at his spiritual and creative best.

Taking a thorough look at Nigeria’s seemingly endemic problems, though not a dog collar man, Santa Done asserts that no one can serve both Jah and mammon (money) at the same time. He says: Primitive acquisition of wealth is the bane of our collective failure as a nation. For once, let us put the creator first, humanity second before our perishable selves since man is just a number of days, no matter how long, or better still, like a product on the shelf with an expiry date. Those that have ears let them hear as this is the ultimate truth. Remember, you reap what you sow. Bless Nigeria.

May the lord bless you and take care of you May the lord be kind and gracious to you May the lord look upon you with mercy.

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