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Rwanda Enacts Friendly Law For Nursing Mothers

Rwandan parliament has on Wednesday passed a new friendly law, that new mothers would no longer abandon children to rush back to work to provide for their families.

Under the law setting up maternity fund, working new mothers would be entitled to get their full-time monthly salary during a three-month maternity leave, unlike previously when doing so meant derailing their earnings.

MP Yvonne Uwayisenga, said while briefing the press in Kigali after passing the legislation that the lawmakers were very happy that the law had been passed.

She said most women are having babies at the peak of their careers.

Uwayisenga noted that until now during the first six weeks of a mother’s maternity leave, the mother had a right to her full-time salary, but would be required to forfeit 80 per cent of the salary if she opted to stay home for the remaining six weeks of her maternity leave, as mandated by the labour laws.

“Most working women on maternity leave would be compelled to abandon their babies after the first six weeks of giving birth for fear of losing out on their pay.

“With the law establishing maternity leave benefits scheme, mothers will be entitled to their full-time monthly salary for the entire 12 weeks of their maternity leave,” she said.

Uwayisenga said under the provisions of the law, the scheme would be sustained by both employees and employers with each contributing 0.3 per cent of the employee’s gross monthly salary.

She said it was a fair law for working women because they were not getting enough time to look after their children.

Uwayisenga said the new law would go into effect after presidential assent.(Xinhua/NAN)

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