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[OPINION] Who Is A Feminist?… A Misandrist? By Christian Okwori


In original definition, feminists are group of women who insist on and fight for fair treatment for women and the girl child especially with respect to natural peculiarities (uniqueness) without doing so at the detriment of their male counterparts. Real feminist will fight for equal right to education, inheritance, social recognition, and reward for hard work for the girl child as is for the male. They don’t support the male child or men being unfairly treated neither do they seek to turn women to men but respect the natural comparative uniqueness and advantages of each s*x. That is feminism and some men who are empathetic to this cause actually belong to the feminist movement to balance out the naturally patriarchal nature of the human society.

It beats my imagination and moral sense of justice to see this noble pursuit turned in the head by Nigerians both male and female…Yes, the Nigerian brand of feminism like in everything else under the sun.

The Nigerian feminist is usually any woman who is bitter or nurses extreme hatred for the menfolk. Expectedly, they are mostly those who have lost out in the ‘game of love’ or who were unfortunate to date the dogs among men. Their joining the ranks of feminists is clearly for one purpose-to get back at all men because all men are devils. Feminism is in this country primarily a mask worn by misandrists. In fact feminism is something cast out of bitterness. Feminism in Nigeria is an euphemism for misandry. Their anthem is simple:

All men are the same,

All men are devils

Do you still wonder why Nigerian culture still treats the girl child badly despite how long feminism has been existing in Nigeria? The self-professed champions of feminism are busy hating men who aren’t even aware of them or have forgotten their transactions outrightly. The feminists mostly recruit women and young girls who are heartbroken or jilted by their lovers, husbands, or boyfriends this they begin by forming pity party to ‘console’ the prospective member on social media or in person. The women who have brought positive outlook on the girl child and are making the biggest positive impacts in influencing even our most barbaric anti-women cultures for good are not feminists namely; Prof. Dora Akunyili†, Prof Grace Alele Williams, Mrs. Funmilayo Ransom-Kuti, Mrs. Tutu Adeleke, Gen. Ronke Kale, and the many successful but humble female corporate champions and giants from all walks of life etc. This is time for people to know the difference between feminists and non-feminists in this country.

The men folks too have their faults, some men detest equality with women even in areas where they are clearly not better or even less in productivity than such women. Many regimental minded and lazy men see any determined, vocal, daring, rich, or resolute woman as feminist who is out to ridicule them. They just can’t imagine being placed together in equal ranking with women or worse still being made to work under one. They hate to see women heading men or being confident before them. They wouldn’t hesistate to quote the Holy Bible or Qoran out of context to cow a woman to slavish submission. Some of these men can be found among professors, clergies, and (sadly) law enforcement agents. Such folks need urgent mental reset. Cultural and religious bigotry of any sort now belong in the past. Finally, it’s good to add that our beautiful culture must not be thrown into extinction with the changing world but should rather be modified and preserved especially in the richest areas of festivals, food, costume, language, greetings, courtesy etc. The aspect of treating any clan or dialect or s*x as second class must be jettisoned. We now live in a flat world of equal opportunity for all.

As a word of counsel, heartbroken people are advised to confide in only trusted people usually elderly friends with high moral standing who will guide them back to a life of fullness and joy. The fact that there are a few bad people out there doesn’t mean the majority aren’t good. Keep good companies and follow your instinct when choosing a partner without ever betraying your intuition. When everything points to you that a person is perfect but your instinct says otherwise, please don’t move an inch.