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INTERESTING: 8 Myths About Nigerian Marriages

Marriage, even the best of marriages, can take effort and work and no one can claim to be an expert when it comes to marriage. As complicated as the institution is, there are some well entrenched myths about Nigerian marriages that almost everyone in Nigeria is familiar with. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 7 common myths that have been attached to marriages in Nigeria….

Marriage is work

These days a lot of people have come to the conclusion that marriage is just like the normal 8-to-5 and can’t wait to leave work. Marriage should be more like an adventure, a partnership and not the other way round.

Your Spouse is Your Best Friend

Because a lot of people say this, some people begin to force their spouse to become one but usually this shouldn’t be so. The truth is that your spouse should be your closest friend after friendship should be the foundation of any relationship but forcing your spouse to be your best friend means trying to mold and mash them spouse into acting the way we think a best friend should.

Marriage Completes You

Your spouse is not God or a magic genie with wish-granting abilities. Your spouse is a human, therefore a good relationship should not complete you; it should inspire and challenge you to work on being a better person. Putting unrealistic mythical expectations on your relationship, would end it in a tragedy.

A good marriage begins by finding Mr. or Ms. Right

There is the belief that having a good marriage comes with first finding and marrying Mr Right but in reality there is no such thing as Mr/Mrs Right because no one on earth is perfect.

Your partner’s job is to make you happy

You can’t depend on someone else to make you happy, otherwise you’re going to end up alone and depressed. It is OK for you partner to do things o make you happy but you patterning your life’s happiness on what your partner does, would leave you very miserable. The ral deal is for you to make yourself happy first before making someone else.

The first year of marriage is heaven

This does not apply to everyone, as some people have very messy starts and as time goes on, when understanding and patience sets in, the couple become happier and better.

The more educated a woman becomes, the lower are her chances of getting married

Women in this part of the world are often discouraged from aiming high because when they do, no man will have the courage to ask them out not to talk of marrying them. In a reality, men nowadays do not want to marry any woman that has nothing to bring to the table. Marriage these days has become a partnership.

Mother-In laws are bad

You often hear some ladies say they would never marry a man whose mother is still alive because of the many Nigerian mother-in laws are deemed to be wicked and the many horrible tales they have heard about some mothers in-law, however this doesn’t not apply to all, as not all are bad.

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