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FLASH| Boko Haram Attacks Madagali, Kills 6, Burn Down Houses

Boko Haram terrorists have killed no less than six persons in Kuda village of Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

They also razed down more than 20 houses in the latest attack.

The violent extremists stormed the village at 9pm on Monday, shooting at fleeing villagers, thus killing five persons and injuring several others.

The head of Krichinga, Abubakar Kanuri, whose village is close to Kuda village, said the insurgents came through Malakwaya, a section of the Sambisa Forest.

He said the reports he got was that over 30 armed insurgents stormed Kuda village. The village head, however, said he had yet to learn the exact casualty figure.

“But I know that one old woman was burnt to ashes because she couldn’t flee her home when the insurgents set her house ablaze,”

“Today, they will invade our villages as rustlers, another day they stormed our villages in convoy of vehicles and some time they will use cattle to deceive us that they are normal herdsmen only to start killing people.”

“We need help in our area. Many are beginning to return but with current security situation, they may not return to these areas.

“These crazy boys are still hiding in caves inside Sambisa Forest”, Kanuri said.

Kanuri said the military in company with some local vigilante members and hunters drafted to fight the insurgents pursued the insurgents into Sambisa Forest.