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BACKLASH:Wike To Amaechi- A Government You Looted Rivers’ $159m To Install Can’t Be Fighting Corruption……………LASHBACK:Jah Jehovah! Of All Places, Is It In Church You Choose To Tell Your Lies?


In this week ‘s backlash and lashback, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike launches a verbal offensive on his predecesssor, Rotimi Amaechi who swiftly hits back with a counter.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike last Sunday alleged that his predecessor and currently Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi spent a whooping $150million belonging to the state to finance the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign in the 2015 elections.

Speaking at a thanksgiving service held at Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Rumueprikom, Obio/Akpor local government area of the state, the governor said Amaechi who was Director-General of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation allegedly spent the said money between December 1 and 18, 2014 to sponsor the national election campaigns of the APC.

Vowing, however, to recover all monies stolen from the state coffers, Wike challenged the federal government to carry out a comprehensive fight against corruption, even as he canvassed support for the prosecution of all those behind the alleged looting of funds.

He added that his government would not support President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war in the country because the federal government is fighting a one-sided war against corruption.

The governor said, “We would not support the fight against corruption. People took our money from the state, and we wrote to the police asking them to go and make a statement, nothing has come out of it. We won’t take anybody to the EFCC because I know what would happen. We know how to fight our own way. We won’t support that war against corruption that they are doing”.

He asked the church not to raise any project offering, alleging that he has gotten wind of “security report that today is not good for such offering.”

Wike said the reception, which was going to hold at the Government House, was meant for his own people, but asked indigenes of the state not to attend.

The governor further said a plot had been hatched to arrest and detain him before the national and state assemblies rerun elections which had been postponed to March 19, 2016.

Wike restated his earlier declaration that he would not allow the rigging of the rerun elections in the state, warning that any INEC staff who attempts to rig would be treated as an armed robber.

His words: “Nothing is impossible with God. We won the election clearly as confirmed by the Supreme Court. If there was a rerun, I wouldn’t have contested because there would have been bloodbath. I resolved not to be part of anything that would bring bloodbath,” he said.

“I am the executive governor of Rivers State and a strong one for that matter. We will support INEC to conduct credible elections. However, any official who plans to rig will get the treatment reserved for armed robbers”.

The governor thanked his legal team, which he said consist of 21 Senior Advocates of Nigeria, just as he hinted that he was having high blood pressure because his close allies were defecting to other parties.

He said, “Blood would have flown if the election was going to hold again. Many people were being arrested. I would call the security men, asking why they would say they were going to make sure there won’t be any problem. So, I called some people including the Chairman of the PDP, Uche Secondus that I was not going to run again. They said why and I explained that if I did, many people would die.”

“If you are not a politician, stand where you are because you will collapse. On the day of the judgment, we were sitting in the parlour when my CSO came to tell me that I was going to lose, and I would be arrested. I asked him to leave my house. He said whether there was nothing we could do, I said he should leave.

“I pray that my enemy should continue to have permanent high blood pressure. I wouldn’t pray that God will heal them. My own has come down now, and for seven months it was high. It is time for their own to rise.

Members of the Assembly (whose elections were nullified) would come and cry here. Sen. Sekibo would come here and pray that I should win first and that my own is better.

“Some of them sold all they had to win the election, but their elections were nullified. Some just married and told their wives that it would be better but only to be sacked seven months later.”


But in a swift reaction, the former governor of the state challenged his successor to prove the allegation that he (Amaechi) stole $150m from the Rivers State treasury which he purportedly used in sponsoring the APC campaigns. Describing the allegation as untrue, Amaechi lamented that Wike was fond of lying against him in churches.

Speaking through his Media Office, the Transportation Minister wondered how such a huge amount of money could disappear without a paper trail.

A statement signed by Amaechi to this effect noted: “Pray, Governor Wike, who collected the $150m on behalf of APC? From which Rivers State Government account(s) was the $150m taken? How was the $150m taken and given to APC? Was it by wired transfer from Rivers State Government account(s) to APC account(s)?

“Sadly again, Wike picked a church, a sacred temple of God to tell his new imaginary tale, another bogus, fallacious concoction. When Amaechi challenged the Wike administration and its agents to use any legal process or procedure to prove their jaundiced, deceitful allegations against him and his administration, they have rather elected to do their own corruption probe, trial and conviction in the media; and now, even inside our solemn places of worship (churches).

Describing the Wike administration as rudderless, Amaechi challenged the Rivers helmsman to substantiate the claim of fraud against him. He said, “Why would a government be so determined to desecrate and destroy every institution, all in the name of playing politics?”

“It continues to baffle us, like most right-thinking Nigerians that Governor Wike will stand in a church – a solemn place of worship – and carelessly, brusquely tell such a profound lie. He descended to falsely and indecorously shout corruption against Amaechi without providing a shred of evidence to back his claims”.

In the state which was made available to LEADERSHIP, the minister regretted that Wike has continued to disparage and attack his person and the highly regarded reputation of his erstwhile benefactor.

The statement noted: “In this his latest interview, Wike continued to re-tell his new ‘stori stori’ of a phantom and bogus $150 million he claimed Amaechi stole from Rivers State government account(s) to fund the All Progressives Congress (APC) in December of 2014.

However, this time, there were clear inconsistencies between this one and the first time he told the same fairy tale last Sunday inside the Anglican Church in his community. Same story; but two inconsistent, incoherent versions. This is clearly what happens when you fabricate a story with the sole aim of deceiving your audience. You are bound to tell different versions as you go along.

“Asked pointedly to provide evidence to prove his allegations that Amaechi took $150 million of State money to fund APC, Governor Nyesom Wike in a very deceptive manner, rambled on and on about EFCC, corruption, and fighting corruption with his discredited kangaroo judicial panel of Inquiry that was set up to indict Amaechi, and stop him from been appointed minister. Wike then went on to say the money was stolen between December 1st to 31st of 2014, and given to the APC.

“This version is sharply inconsistent with the first one he told inside the Anglican Church, when he claimed the $150 million was stolen and given to the APC within 18 days, from December 1 to 18 of 2014. Again, this is what happens when tale is a ‘stori stori’ taken from a book of deception and deceit. Wike again, claimed he has evidence to prove his allegation but as usual, did not provide any”, the statement noted.

The statement further noted: It’s indeed laughable and shameful that Governor Wike will relentlessly albeit recklessly make a spurious allegation as serious as a purported stealing of $150 million and when asked to provide proof cannot provide any but would only say ‘I have abundant evidence’.

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