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‎Boko Haram Burns down Adamawa Village, Roasts Old Woman to Ashes, Kills 5 Others

Boko Haram fighters on Monday burnt down 20 houses in Kuda village, Adamawa State, killing six persons including an old woman who was burnt down to ashes in her room.
Kuda Village is in Madagali Local Government Area of the state.

Eyewitness accounts revealed that the insurgents invaded the village at about 9pm on Monday while villagers were preparing to go to bed and started shooting sporadically resulting to the killing of five people and several others injured by stray bullets.

The eyewitness claimed that the insurgents thronged into the village by foot but they were well-armed adding that after carting away some valuables, they set ablaze more than 20 houses.

Confirming the incident, the Village head of Krichinga, Abubakar Kanuri, who said his village is a stone’s throw to Kuda village revealed that the insurgents came by foots through Malakwaya forest a section of the Sambisa forest.

He said the report he got was that over 30 armed insurgents stormed Kadu village but he said he was yet to know the exact casualty figure but he knew an old woman was burnt to ashes because she couldn’t flee her home when the insurgents set ablaze her house.

Kanuri said the military in company with the Vigilantes and hunters drafted for the fight against insurgency had already pursued the insurgents who had escaped into a near-by bush before Sambisa forest.

He said presently locals of the affected communities have flee to Gulak town and other places to seek refuge.

Kanuri lamented that the security situation is becoming worse day-by-day following the different styles adopted by the insurgents.

“Today they will invade our villages as rustlers, another day they would storm our villages with convoy of vehicles and some time they will use cattle to deceive us to think that they are normal Herdsmen only to start killing people.

“We need help in our areas. Many are beginning to return but with the present security situation, they may not return to these areas,” he said.

“This crazy boys are still hiding under caves inside Sambisa forest” as he wondered when the military would finally overwhelm the insurgents.
Usman, one of villagers attacked, said he was trying to recover from the last attack unleashed on them last year by the insurgents, when he lost his properties again to inferno occasioned by the Monday night attack.

He said it is time to hunt for the insurgents but not to wait for them to attack before repelling them.
He said “the best thing is to follow them to their hiding places than allow them to continue to kill innocent Nigerians.”

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