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Somalia Confirms Seizure Of U.S. Drone By Al-Shabaab

Somali officials on Tuesday confirmed that al-Shabaab had seized a U.S. drone in a mountainous area in the south of the country, in spite the U.S. denial.

Aden Osman Nur, a Commissioner of Da’ar Aden village, said in Moadishu that the drone had crashed near there and that the Islamists had taken control of it.

“As government officials in the region, we strongly believe that it was a U.S. drone, even though U.S. earlier denied that its drone had been seized.

Nur said al-Shabaab said on pro-insurgent radio that the drone carried at least six missiles and other military hardware.

He said the group accused the U.S. of targeting Muslims with its drones.

“The U.S. has used drones for years in its campaign against terrorists, both as a weapon and for reconnaissance.

“Drones have been used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen as well as Syria and Iraq,” he said.

Nur said several leading al-Shabaab members in Somalia have been killed by U.S. drones.

Chuck Prichard from that the media team of the U.S. Africa command said all the U.S. military assets “in this area are accounted for.

He said they have no indication that any of the drones were involved in the reported incident. (dpa/NAN)

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