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Doctor Arrested in Owerri after Accusing Rochas Okorocha of Human Organ Trafficking

Security operatives from the Police command in Imo State have arrested an Ower­ri-based pro-life medical practitio­ner, Dr Phillip Njemanze.

Njemanze is also the Chairman, Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners in the state.

Njemanze had, during a briefing on February 4 by medical doctors in the state accused Governor Ro­chas Okorocha of participating in a human organ trafficking cartel, an allegation the state Commissioner for Information, Mr Chidi Ibe, de­scribed as laughable and baseless.

At the briefing, while analys­ing Okorocha’s earlier decision on the concession of existing general hospitals and 27 others under con­struction to unlicensed expatriate physicians, Njemanze stated that with the flaws in the newly-passed National Health Bill, the governor may be collaborating with expatri­ate doctors to run an organ traffick­ing cartel in the state.

Njemanze, who doubles as the Owerri Archdiocese Chairman of Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, had about two years ago, spearheaded the ag­itation that forced the state govern­ment to reverse itself and repeal the Imo Law No. 12 of 2012 popular­ly known as the ‘Abortion Law’ for which prolife groups in the state had accused Governor Okorocha for legalising abortion in the state.

The group had petitioned the United Nations (UN) Gener­al Assembly on Nigeria’s National Health Act 2014 and the Biosafe­ty Act 2015, describing them as vi­olations of UN’s universal decla­ration of human rights, saying the two bills were sponsored by inter­national organ trafficking cartel to aid harvesting of peoples organ without query.

According to him, the Primary Health Care centres have no busi­ness with organ transfer, noting that section 48 and 51 of the Na­tional Health Bill is about taking people’s organ with waived con­sent, adding that Nigeria has been targeted as a harvest base.

In recent times, Dr Njemanze said private medical practice is in danger as the bill advocates for their closure just as he condemned the situation where the 27 committee members that deliberated over the bill had 18 foreign members and described it as international con­spiracy and a treasonable offence.

He demanded that all the people involved in the passing of the Na­tional Health Scheme bill be tried for criminal offence, saying the bill facilitates human organ trans­fer and will create dire consequenc­es for the nation.

When contacted, the police Spokesman, DSP Andrew Enwer­em, said he was not aware of Nje­manze’s arrest and queried if he was a politician and why journal­ists were calling to confirm.

But sources at Njemanze’s hos­pital told newsmen that he was whisked away by the police to the state police headquarters.