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Alumni Condemn Removal Of NOUN VC

The Alumni of the National Open University (NOUN) condemned the removal of the Vice chancellor of the university, Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe, saying his removal is not in tandem with constitutional provisions and as such urged the Minister of Education to rescind the decision.

In a statement on behalf of the alumni , Isaac Akpololohor said the decision to remove Tenebe, will gravely affect the progression of this great University

He stated that an institution of learning which has doubtless experienced positive change and, expansion and advancement is the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) under the dexterous and competent leadership of Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe.

According to him, this Institution of learning has grown to become a University of global reckoning due to the administrative savvy employed to this peculiar academic space.

He said “Presently, NOUN is about the largest University in Africa and providing avenues for academic expression to several millions of Nigerians and foreign nationals. In its peculiarity, NOUN has experienced uninterrupted academic calendar, provided educational opportunities for the hitherto unreached and made university education more affordable.”

He said as the Alumni of this great Citadel of learning, they have been keenly abreast of happenings in the University and jealously monitor her progress.

He said, “We observed with displeasure the wrongful manner in which Professor Vincent Tenebe was removed as Vice Chancellor of the University. Much as the recent step taken by the Federal Government is in dissonance with the extant provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Universities Establishment Act, we also note that it will on a much more damaging scale reverse the gains recorded in the University thus far.”

Akpololohor further stated, “Whereas the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act No. 11 of 1993 as amended provides the conditions under which a Vice Chancellor can be removed from office and the proper procedures to adopt in that respect, these sacrosanct steps were boycotted in arriving at the actions so meted against Prof Tenebe.

“Whereas the National Open University Act 1983 buffers the University from incoherent interference from external forces since it is not a conventional establishment of government, this singular action is capable of disrupting the smooth procession of the developmental strides in the University and which will lead to lowered standards with attendant erratic academic calendar.

“Whereas no crime or act of maladministration was established against Prof. Tenebe as Vice Chancellor, his removal can only be interpreted as an attempt at armtwisting and making the academic community kowtow to the whims of politicking.”

He said in the light of the fact that the tenure of Prof. Tenebe has not expired, he should be allowed to continue with the administration of the University until such a time as his tenure lawfully expires.