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Leadership crisis rocks HoS cooperative society

FRESH leadership crisis is rocking the Head of Service of the Federation (HoS) Cooperative Society. Sources familiar with the unfolding crisis in the office told The Guardian in Abuja that the current president of the cooperative, Stephen Esezobor and his executive made up of the treasurer, secretary, financial secretary, internal auditor and the public relation officer have been dragged to court over the composition of the new executive.

Another source also alleged that some powerful members of the cooperative are bent on hijacking the Leadership from the incumbent president, Stephen Esezobor to enable them have free access to the cooperation’s finances as well as its assets put at over N500 million.

Responding to some of the allegations, the president of the cooperative, Esezobor lamented that despite all his contributions, especially towards uplifting the lives of members and investing the cooperative funds in acquiring acres of lands in choice locations in the Federal Capital Territory, it seems that his detractors are bent on given him a bad name.He, however, vowed to hand over the mantle of leadership of the cooperative to a dully-elected executive.

His explanation: ‘’I became the president of this cooperative in December, 2009. It was formed since 1982. I did some few analysis because I was even in the budget department in the ministry and as a well trained budget officer. I looked at the operational system when I took over and I saw a lot of leakages and decided to reposition the whole thing by bringing on board new initiatives.”

Esezobor added that part of the move to promote transparency in the administration of funds was to stop the use of giving out loans in cash and adopted issuance of cheque for such purposes.

Responding to the alleged audit report that indicted him, he said: “The report was based on falsehood. This is because the Police has even proven it, they are saying that so far, I have stolen N82 million from the cooperative account, I wrote a reply to them telling them they of-course, are all aware of the way the account is operated. The question I am now asking is, ‘how can a single man steal such huge money?’ Some are even saying it is N62 million but in the letter they wrote to the Inspector-General of Police, they said (alleged) I stole N62 million. The IG invited me, they went through our records, went to the lands, got in touch with other relevant people and they discovered there were no contradictions to the information I gave them.”

Speaking on his alleged retirement from service, he said: “Before I retired from service, I gave the director of cooperative four months notice that I was going and that he should permit me to organize an election for the first time in the cooperative since 1982. Before now, the process of installing the leadership of the cooperative was by popular choice or nominee.

“He gave me permission to go ahead. The date and the agenda were out but we could not hold the elections because of a bomb blast. I still wrote them a letter, it was fixed for April this year but on the whole, the Head of Service directed that the elections should no longer be held.”

He was quick to observe that though the case is in court, he remains optimistic that the matter would be resolved very soon through mediatory steps that have been put in place.

THE Nigerian Navy Basic training School Onne, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Port Harcourt, in Rivers State, for a Leadership and Management Course for naval personnels’ with the aim of advancing into modern ways of curbing various forms of crimes in Nigeria’s maritime environment and in other parts of the country.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas while speaking at the partnership programme at Onne, said, the four months programme was aimed at developing the intellect, leadership and managerial skills of officers which would at the end bring manpower development and achieve optimal professional capability of personnel.

Represented by Flag Officer Commanding Naval Training Command, Rear Admiral Adeniyi Osinowo, the naval boss said, the programme was in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration agenda to pursue a reform scheme for change of attitude in all spheres of the national endeavour.

According to him, ‘‘In line with this change syndrome, the Chief of Naval Staff, has placed a high premium on training as aptly captured in his Mission Statement which is, “To deploy a naval force that is well trained, organised and highly motivated to discharge its constitutional roles professionally and efficiently for the defence of Nigeria in ensuring her economic prosperity.

To this end, the CNS Strategic Directive 2015-1 was promulgated which stipulated some strategic objectives towards evolving new approaches to combating the challenges of curbing various forms of crimes in Nigeria’s Maritime environment and in other parts of the country”.

He pointed out that, within the specified time frame, one of the key priorities expected to achieve is Promoting NN manpower development to achieve optimal professional capability of personnel.