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Institute enjoins Nigerians to embrace, promote peaceful society

Peace sign. Image source Wikimedia
Peace sign. Image source Wikimedia

THE Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has called on Nigerians, especially the youths, to embrace and promote peaceful society that would be devoid of violence.

Speaking at an event where elders from Toguna community, which originates from Mali by the Dogon tribe, come together to dialogue on issues affecting them and resolving them within themselves organised by a non-governmental organisation, Toguna Peace and Development Foundation, in Abuja over the weekend, Prof. Oshita Oshita said the Toguna is to recapture African traditional tasks in the context of peace building, conflict mediation and governance in traditional African system.

He stressed that the action would enable the youths and adults to reminiscence and go back to traditional African practices that were used to build peace and ensure law and order in the society.

He said: “If children learn from this, they would stay away from getting involved in violent activities because basically the morale in this presentation for Toguna is that dialogue is the best approach to every kind of conflicts.

Meanwhile, Executive Director, Toguna Foundation, Dr. Mariane Ngoulla, noted that the gathering was to dialogue for peace, promote peace in our hearts, in our family, in our country and in the world.